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Roller line
Carrying a wide range of product types, less restrictions, blocker use, can achieve the continuous product, beat operation and build-up function, the use of top-up translation device, can achieve offline repair or detection of the product without affecting the operation of the entire assembly line.
Belt line
The carrying product is light, the shape limit is less, and the production line runs synchronously, can realize the climbing steering of the product, the belt as the carrier and conveyor, can achieve the smooth delivery of the product, the noise is small, can achieve the light material or the
Board chain assembly line
The product is heavy, and the production line runs synchronously, can achieve the climb of the product, the production beat is not very fast, the chain plate surface as the carrier, can achieve the smooth delivery of the product.
Double-speed chain assembly line
The workplane can be transmitted freely, the use of blocker positioning to make the workpiece move freely or stop, the workpiece at both ends can be automatically raised, cross-shift transition. Rotating (90 degrees, 180 degrees) can also be installed on or next to wire bodies. ), special aircraft
Continuous lifter
Continuous lifter is a link equipment of plane conveyor system between different floors, which mainly acts on the transportation of goods between multiple floors, and is often used in conjunction with other conveyors. Suitable for the transport of geometric objects (e.g. trays, cartons, enclosures
MES Intelligent Management System
MES (Manufacturing Execution System, Manufacturing Fulfillment System) is a management and scheduling exercise between the planning layer and the field operation control layer. MES enhances the competitiveness of manufacturing by controlling all plant resources, including materials, equipment,
Innovation as the engine Experience as the mission Insist on innovation And keep leading
Companies in new products, new technologies have always maintained a high level of investment, up to now a total of 100 patents, 33 invention patents, 56 utility models, 6 designs, 5 soft. A total of 68 authorized, authorized the invention of 4, utility model 53, design 6.