Service Support
7x24Hourly fast response
Full life cycle three-dimensional service
Replacement of spare parts
Inspection and repair
On-site service
Customer Service Center
Repair and renovation
Paid after-sales
Remote online maintenance system
System online remote maintenance, professional technical support, no geographical separation of efficient services
24-hour personal telephone service
Provide 7 x 24 hours toll-free telephone service hotline at any time close to the service, for customers to solve problems
Regular patrol maintenance
Customized regular patrol, maintenance plan, always track the use of equipment, to protect the interests of customers.
Training services
For customers to provide a variety of training services, including operational training, maintenance training, control training and information training
Technical support
After-sales service department to configure a professional technical support team, by telephone, mail, remote access and on-site and other ways to provide customers with fast and effective technical support to repair system failures.
Localize technical support
Provide localization of imported equipment technical services and set up offices in major projects to reduce maintenance costs for customers and improve customer efficiency.
On-site service
Can arrange for professional and technical engineers to stay on site for a long time to ensure the safe and stable operation of the system at the same time, through on-site training and technical guidance, improve the customer's operational maintenance level.
System upgrade service
After-sales service department to configure a professional technical team to assist customers to upgrade the original system, optimize the system system, to meet new needs.
Special Operations Service
Quality wins the market, service wins the future, Jiulu Co., Ltd. builds an aircraft carrier in the parking industry with quality service